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How does it work?

For each of your rooms to be decorated, you choose the type of package that suits you. Hop deco entrusts your project to one of our interior designers. You can then exchange back and forth with him or her via our web platform. Simple, fast and practical.
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What differentiates Hop deco from a traditional interior design service?

The entire design process occurs online. Therefore, you can manage your project whenever and wherever you want: between two meetings, while finishing your morning cup of café au lait, on the subway… it’s up to you! Packages are more affordable than with traditional services and you no longer have to worry about extra fees.

The speed offered by online technology saves us time, so you save money, too. Everyone wins!

Hop deco is a professional service that adapts to all budgets and all styles.


What type of space can you decorate?

Hop deco can decorate any room in your home. Whether you’re renovating an 80s vintage basement  or the contemporary bachelor of your cousin Reggie: we’re afraid of nothing!


The Color package can be completed in 5 working days, the Top package in 10 working days and the Premium in 15 working days. Our service is available from 9am to 5pm.


Do you need more time?

It’s possible! We’re here to listen and can discuss with you regarding the extension of your package.

Is there a minimum budget to invest in decorating a room?

No. Whether you have $500 or $20,000 to spend, our designers work with your budget to create a unique decor that matches your taste. No minimum budget is imposed for the purchase of furniture and accessories: after all, it’s your home!
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Are Hop deco’s interior designers freelancers?

No. Our designers are all professional graduates and share a rich experience in the fields of design and interior design. They are employees of Hop deco.

Can I choose my designer?

We carefully choose the designers according to the style of the client and the type of project. Finding the perfect match between a designer and a design project is our speciality and we have a much better success rate than dating agencies!

How does my designer know my style?

Once the package has been chosen, we will ask you to answer a quiz in order to determine your Homestyle. The result of the quiz is then communicated to your designer.

You can also send your photos of inspiration to your designer, share your Pinterest boards and communicate with him or her on our web platform.

How can I communicate with my designer during the process?

The entire design process is done via our web platform. We have a private messaging service. Therefore, you can communicate directly with your designer.

An email notification is sent to you each time you receive a new message from your designer.

All the package includes a 20 / 30-minute discussion with your designer over Facetime or Skype.

Does Hop deco design kitchens and bathrooms?


We can advise you in choosing a new counter, a new ceramic backsplash, new door handles, a new faucet and, while we’re at it, give a little touch of paint to those cabinets… that could change everything!

Hop deco cannot make custom kitchen plans or a new bathroom layout. We cannot advise you on anything that requires precision measurement, such as changing your pipes or opening up a wall.

Do you want to completely renovate your kitchen? Redo your bathroom?
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We can offer you recommendations.

I have an open concept - is that a problem?

Not at all. The price of our packages is adjustable according to the areas that you want to decorate.

In the basement, would you like to decorate your home theatre and the children’s playroom?


Do you have a commercial project?

Maybe we can help. Write to us at

Can I call my designer?

All packages includes a 20 / 30-minute discussion with your designer over Facetime or Skype.

What is My Shopping List?

Once the concept is approved, your designer will send you a shopping list of design purchases. The items presented are chosen according to your style and your budget.

Where do the proposed items come from?

Hop deco suggests items from boutiques that have a transactional site. Hop deco sends you a link to their various online boutiques. You can then make your purchases whenever you want to from your computer.

We make sure that all of the suggested items can be delivered directly to you.  

The Hop deco touch?

Our promo codes allow you to benefit from discounts on your future purchases.

A proposed item is no longer in stock, what can I do?

When you receive My Shopping List, you have 14 days to make your purchases if you want to be sure that the items are in stock. If the item is no longer available within this period, HOP DECO will propose a new equivalent item.

Hop deco is not responsible for unavailable items after the 14 days.

If I do not like my designer, what can I do?

We always carefully choose designers according to your style and needs. Our designers know how to adapt to your personality.

That being said, if the match isn’t the right fit, express your dissatisfaction within 36 hours of the designer’s latest proposal. Hop deco is committed to restarting the project with a new designer, free of charge.

Once the concept is received and approved, can I change my mind?

Yes, you can ask for a revision.

A $55 fee will apply.


Can I then ask questions to my new designer?

Of course. Once the design process is complete, the session remains active for 30 days, and the designer will answer all questions related to the project.

What can I do if things are not proceeding fast enough?

You are our priority! Write to us without delay so that we can find a solution together.

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What is the Good Mood Guaranteed policy?

Interior design should always be done with pleasure.

Your satisfaction with your project is essential for us. That is why HOP DECO is committed to providing you with all of the tools to make your design dreams a reality. If your happiness level is not at its peak, tell us within 36 hours of your designer’s most recent proposal and we will assign you a new partner with which to start off again on a fresh basis!

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I live outside of Canada?

For now, Hop deco offers online interior design services within Canada only.

Does Hop deco have gift cards?

Yes! Whether to organize the bedroom of little Antoine who will be born in September or to gift a new living room to your best friend Cathy who is having a hard time, the Hop deco gift card is the greatest gift to give a loved one: the gift of well-being at home!
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Is there a discount if I have several rooms to decorate?

The price per room remains the same, whether you decorate one or several rooms with Hop deco. We strive to maintain a minimal cost for our service, so that as many people as possible can decorate their dream homes!

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