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Renovation of Abeille Gélinas’ bathroom – before and after!


Hop deco team

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Abeille Gélinas asked the HOP team to transform her “blah” bathroom into a “WOW” bathroom.

See how we rose to the challenge.

Renovate Abeille Gélinas’ bathroom

Abeille Gélinas asked us to revitalize the look of her bathroom, a room that is often tackled last when it comes to decorating. With the chevron pattern’s moment of glory having long passed, the wallpaper and room desperately needed the touch of a magic wand!

The wallpaper

It was love at first sight when it came to Wynil company’s “Blossoms” wallpaper, as much for Abeille as for the HOP team. This flower mural, created from an image by photographer Christina Esteban of CEP studio, would serve as the starting point for the new design. Since the narrow room is composed of multiple angles and a judicious placement of the floral motif was in order, the Wynilteamtook care of the installation to ensure an impeccable job!

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The plumbing

Who says that a new bathroom equals new plumbing! It’s not always easy, however, to find THE design that you’re looking for. We headed for Ramacieri Soligo and fell for a sleek sink by Porcelenosa

Porcelanosa product

Since our mural suggested a velvety ambiance with dark colors, we selected a black faucet from theRubicollection – ultra modern and very simple. The perfect match!

Black fausset - Rubi collection

It was out of the question, of course, to keep the existing toilet. It was in a Rubicollection that we found this one, which offers a simple, refined design and low water consumption.

Toilet - Rubi collection


The accessories

It was also at Ramacieri Soligo that we discovered our ICO Bathaccessories. An often-neglected finishing touch that can nevertheless change everything and which, here, dresses up the room elegantly and discretely.
Accessories Ramacieri Soligo

As a final touch, the existing light that went unnoticed has been replaced by an original pendant light from Luminaire Authentik, a company that promised us a custom look by allowing us to choose the finish of each element of our light (wire, lampshade, etc.). For Abeille, we opted for a combination of glossy black and matte black, which gives a luxurious chicness to the whole.
Luminaire Autentik lamp

Before and after: the result

What a look! We went from a room without any real interest to a WOW design that will not fail to dazzle. After choosing a trendy wallpaper that struck the imagination, we made sure to harmonize all of our plumbing and accessory choices by focusing on pure, Zenic lines. The warm and enveloping ambiance is a complete turnaround from the slightly morose room we had before!

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