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The secrets of multifunctional spaces


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The multifunctional space: one room fits all

Open concept is in fashion, as it is wonderful for letting in light, but it can be more complex when it comes to planning a large room that plays many roles. How can you reconcile your functional needs and your dreams of a coherent space? We’ll tell you everything!

A room for everything and everyone

Every home has one: a room that serves a little bit of everything, where all the members of the family spend time, and which must be arranged optimally in order to maximize space. Here, we chose to maximize the spaces along the walls and windows to let in maximum light, by placing a bench flush up against the windows. To break up the rigidity of a simple relaxation area, we’ve chosen differently shaped cushions that can quickly be switched out according to one’s taste. A bench of this kind also permits us to add storage thanks to the hidden fabric bins underneath: out of sight, out of mind!

Unobtrusive storage, the key to multipurpose rooms

Extensive wall storage is ideal, which is why it’s so popular! Practically, it allows you to conceal the more functional items that you don’t want to have constantly staring back at you and to highlight beloved decorative objects: beautiful books, vases, plants, family photos. For children, we’ve chosen bins that are easily stored at ground level. This way, toys are not always visible, but are accessible as soon as there’s a minute for fun!

An office nook for young and old

Whether it’s for doing homework in the evening, paying some bills online or hanging the family calendar, a well-organized office nook will spare you headaches! Add an attractive desk lamp for optimal vision and a bulletin board that allows you to gather together information that concerns the whole family.

The secret to success when designing this type of space is in the harmony of the different structures. Here, a simple bench and efficient storage merge into the space without grabbing the eye, and it is the small, well-chosen accents such as frames, plants, accent lighting and/or a carpet that gives personality to the whole. A refined decor where everything has its place!

Team Hop deco

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