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Tips on how to organize your office at home


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Are you a self-employed worker or the person in charge of family bills on a quest for an office nook at home?

Discover our tips for creating a workspace that is both functional and aesthetic.

Optimize your space

Position your office in front of a window in order to benefit from natural light and the soothing effects of the surrounding environment, be it the backyard of your country house or the big old tree in front of your triplex in the city. Your window looks directly onto your neighbor’s brick wall? In that case, bring nature indoors by adding one or more plants to the room.

To maximize the airiness of your space, choose a desk with delicate legs.


Creative stair area

In the absence of a dedicated room, benefit from the space lost under a staircase to slip in an office. For a more architectural look, construct an intimate cocoon with storage integrated into the same staircase structure. Customize the interior of this cozy corner with an accent color, warm wood planks or corkboards to pin reminders and inspirational images.

Don’t forget to illuminate the corner sufficiently with recessed lighting, a sconce or an accent lamp.

Soft office integration

Integrate the office with the architecture of the room to maximize available space. You can also embed shelves in the gypsum of the wall and paint them the same color, which will give your office an elegant and professional look.

Redefine your kitchen area

Lastly, you can take advantage of a kitchen renovation project to develop an office nook. Less conducive to long hours of concentration, a workspace in this room will nevertheless be ideal for one-off tasks such as paying bills or grocery shopping online. Or to lend a hand to your youngest, who is doing research on Mongolia for a geography assignment while you’re preparing dinner!


Intelligent arrangement

If your office supplies are plentiful and not all that attractive, plan to have closed storage such as a drawer under the work surface or overhead cabinets. No stapler, notepads or paperclips to conceal? Opt instead for shelves, which will visually open up the space while allowing you to display your finest service dishes.

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